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Who is the Cow Whisperer (Michele) you might ask? Well I’m an Oklahoma farm girl as you may have guessed. We have horses, chickens, dogs, and last but not least cows (which I can tell you, all have their own unique personality traits). The farm is my sanctuary and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I have been married for more years of my life than not and am the very proud mom of my HERO. I say Hero because our son and only child gave his life for our freedom in Afghanistan in 2009.

Paper crafting has always been my passion and I use to create a scrapbook each Christmas for our son that chronicled his adventures for that year. You wouldn’t think a boy would love a scrapbook, but let me tell you he cherished them. As he continued through college and on to his military career I continued to make his annual scrapbook.

Well, as you can imagine trying to find my passion once again was difficult and has taken a long time after losing our son. But once again I’m creating and that brings me joy. I actually have a wall in my craft room that is dedicated to pictures of my son. I call it my INSPIRATION WALL, and I know he’s smiling down on me and saying you go Mom.

I hope you will come along on my journey with me and find the same amount of joy in paper crafting as I do. Hugs!!!

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  1. I am truly inspired. Love your outlook on the world and the fact you ARE the cow whisperer. Everytime I helped friends with their cows I YELLED: Hey, Get along, Hup Hup ( that was my dog). Best memories I have is helping move and doctor cows in the high country of Colorado. I now saddle up my craftroom chair and hope it doesn't buck me off. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Love love love it. I wish you could see the smile I have on my face right now. Hugs!!!

  2. I have just found your blog and can't tell you how much I enjoy it. The tips are great. My favorite card is the Memorial Day card you made. Thanks for sharing your talent with me.

    1. Cindy I'm so happy you found me, woohoo!!!
      I've gotta admit that's my favorite card too but since my Angel inspired it I definitely know why. Hugs

  3. I'm truly inspired and fond of you, your skills, and your outlook on life.


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